With a child / children on holiday to France

Advice for people traveling with children. Good advice, medications, or what to take with you on vacation to France.

With a child / children on holiday to France – advice

  • Getting to France. When traveling to France for holidays with young children, it is worth making sure that the journey goes without much fatigue and boredom. If you fly by plane, you should have good airlines with special seats for toddlers and even babies. Although the flight takes about two hours, sitting on one parent’s lap all the time can be tiring for both parties. It is therefore worth paying extra for the flight so that the trip is completely safe and comfortable. Traveling with young children by coach or train is not recommended. The ride takes many hours and is very tiring for an adult, not to mention children. An interesting solution is to travel by car. You can take your child’s favorite toys to the car, and an additional advantage of this means of transport is the possibility of making a stop at any time.
  • Accommodation and attractions. Depending on the age of the child, you need to skillfully organize their time during holidays. A holiday spent in a hotel brings interesting solutions on its own. Usually, in high-class hotels, animations for children and even babysitters are available on special request. However, it is worth considering that family vacations should be spent all the time complete. Therefore, it is good to decide on a hotel close to attractions such as: Aquaparks, large playgrounds or simply spend a holiday by the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Child safety. Being in Paris, other bigger cities or crowded resorts, you can’t leave your kids out of sight. They can easily get lost, and a small child, unfortunately, will not provide their data in French or even in English. A threat that should also be taken into account is the large cultural and religious diversity. There is an increased risk of crime in overcrowded places, and therefore an adult may harm a child.
  • Learning through play. Children absorb knowledge very quickly, especially when it is shown in a very simple and pleasant way. Young children can learn a lot of curiosities about the life of French people, show them the local culture, customs, and even teach them some basic phrases.

With a child / children on holiday to France – medications.

When going to France with your child, take all the necessary medications that your child currently needs to take with you. If the drugs are specialized, it is worth taking a doctor’s certificate with you to avoid any ambiguity in the event of customs control. It is necessary to complete a mini first aid kit. Utensils and medicines for abrasions, bruises, insect bites, light sunburn or allergies. When going to the regions of the Mediterranean Coast, you should not forget to take a high sunscreen. In addition, you need to make sure that the child wears a head covering. When driving a car, it is worth taking medication for motion sickness, while when boarding the plane, you can give your child light herbal tablets or a syrup to calm down.

With a child / children on holiday to France – what to take?

When packing your child’s luggage, do not forget about such things as: medicines, a change of clothes, a hat, a raincoat, at least two pairs of shoes, and a favorite toy or a reading book.