Menton – French Riviera – weather, climate and attractions.

The holiday pearl of France – on the Cote d’Azur

Conveniently located, adjacent to the Italian border, based on a nearby hill, a city with a center of baroque architecture and shores flowing straight into the clear sea. Recognized as a city of history and art, Menton combines the elegance and vitality of a seaside resort. Menton as the kingdom of water is represented by two large harbors for sea excursions and entertainment – as well as – sandy and rocky beaches stretch around the coastline.

Climate of Menton.

Thanks to the favorable subtropical microclimate (316 cloudless days a year), there is practically no winter in Mentone. Partly because of the climate, Menton is the most popular resort among older tourists and vacationers who appreciate the evening tranquility. Throughout the year, you can admire the sea and the surrounding mountains, bathed in sunshine. Spending your vacation in Mentone, you will be close to Italy and the Principality of Monaco.

Attractions Menton.

Menton is known for growing lemons. Every year in February, the Fete des Citrons (Lemon Festival) begins here, during which the city is filled with giant lemon statues. Menton is also the kingdom of gardens, it is also a mixture of different architectural styles that have shaped its own way of being in the heart of the azure coast. Everyone can find walking routes to suit their needs, for example in the footsteps of the historic visitors of these places – from Empress Eugenia to Jean Cocteau. The aromas, the calming colors of the sea coast … and the wide range of cultural and sporting events throughout the year – all this makes Mentone the “Pearl of France”.

Worth attention! in Menton.

The old town, the chapel and the church of St. Michael the Archangel, Jean Cocteau Harbor and Museum, Regional Museum of Prehistory, Palace Gardens and Orchards (Carnola Palace and Citrus Garden, Orchards Biovies, Parc du Pian, Fontana Rosa Garden, United States Square, etc.).