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Check out what Chamonix has to offer you. Find out winter and summer weather in Chamonix. Find maps, city maps, ski slopes.

Video – Chamonix streets (winter), ski areas and the most famous off piste run in the world: La Vallée Blanche.

Chamonix Travel Guide – Views of Mont-Blanc.

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Extreme skiing, mountain climbing and paragliding are just some of the attractions that await us in Chamonix– one of the most popular recreational destinations in France. Reigning in Chamonix weather, makes it possible to visit this place almost all year round, although the hours of sunshine in the middle of summer can be counted here almost on the fingers. Prevailing in Chamonix temperature are shaped as follows:

  • December – February – these are temperatures from -2 to -1 degrees C and 5-9 degrees C;
  • March – May – these are temperatures ranging from 2-9 degrees C to 12-22 degrees C;
  • June August – these are temperatures ranging from 23-26 degrees C to 10-13 degrees C;
  • September November – these are the temperatures ranging from 20-8 degrees C to 8-10 degrees C.

What are the temperatures in Chamonix, France in summer and winter:

Month Min (° C) Max (° C) Mean (° C) Min (° F) Max (° F) Mean (° F)
January -7 3 -1.8 20 37 28.7
February -6 6 -0.2 21 42 31.6
March -2 10 3.9 28 51 39
April 1 14 7.4 34 57 45.4
May 5 18 11.8 41 65 53.2
June 8 22 15.1 47 72 59.2
July 9 24 16.8 49 76 62.2
August 9 24 16.4 48 75 61.6
September 6 19 12.8 43 67 55
October 3 15 9 37 59 48.1
November -2 8 3.4 29 47 38
December -5 3 -1.1 23 37 thirty
What are the temperatures in Chamonix, France in summer and winter.

Sporty Chamonix

In the Chamonix area, we can grow more than just that extreme skiing. This place is also suitable for practicing mountain biking. Amateurs snowboarding emotions also will not be disappointed.

Things to do in Chamonix

Weekend in the French Alps in Chamonix – tourist guide.

This movie will take you on a winter excursion: Chamonix (French Alps)! :

1. by bus from Geneva (Switzerland)
2. The charming streets of Chamonix, a famous ski resort where you can admire the mountain peaks all around. Chamonix is ​​an ideal base for hiking and visiting the famous Aiguille du Midi and Mer de Glace.
3. A day of skiing at Mont-Blanc Natural Resort with amazing ski slopes.

Chamonix appears as the oldest ski resort in France. It is also an extremely attractive recreational and tourist destination. how it was calculated, this center is visited by over 6 million tourists every year. There are many tourist attractions in this town. Chamonix’s biggest attraction this the highest peak in the Alps or Mont Blancwhich is often visited by emotionally eager tourists. Another equally interesting proposition that Chamonix has for visitors coming here is the world’s highest cable car. It can make quite an impression on the guests too panoramic restaurant on Le Bréventfrom where you can admire the beautiful landscape of Mont Blanc.