What currency should I bring to France?

Check what currency to take with you to France? How expensive is France?

Instead of currency, I suggest taking your bank’s multi-currency card or a Revolut payment card with you. The exchange rate should be better than in the exchange office and you don’t have to carry cash with you.

See how to use an ATM in France. Remember! Always withdraw in the currency of the country (ie in France in Euro, not in your card currency. You will avoid double currency conversion!

When going to France, it is worth – and even should – take care to take the right type of cash with you. Current currency of France it is well known to us Euro. The country adopted this currency as official tender in January 2002. The most profitable cash exchange transactions, We are primarily offered by our Polish exchange offices. Information about the current exchange rate of this currency is available both in the press and on the Internet, and very often included in daily TV news. An equally profitable solution is the exchange of cash via the Internet. They serve this purpose so-called currency exchange machines.

What are the prices for France? How expensive is it in France?

For an average Polish tourist, France may seem like a fairly expensive country. This is reflected in the prices of most basic products. They are much higher than in Poland, but the situation is changing more and more, and today Polish tourists can afford more and more free expenses. This applies to both traditional multi-branch stores, basic services and purchases in such popular retail chains as Geant or Intermarche. Thanks to this, returning from a successful holiday, we can easily and without much sacrifice, not only make the most necessary purchases, but also bring our friends various interesting souvenirs from France.