Three Valleys – weather, map, guide.

A guide to ski resorts in the Alps – Three Valleys. Courchevel, Meribel, Bellewille.

Trzy Doliny is the largest complex of ski areas in the world. It is located in France, more precisely in Savoie in the Alps. Three Valleys is over 400 km 2 of area and about 300 ski slopes, which extend in three valleys:

1. Courchevel (towns: Courchevel and La Tania)

2. Meribel (towns: Meribel, Meribel Mottaret)

3. Bellewille (towns: Saint Martin de Bellewille, Les Menuires, Val Thorens)

All the routes in the Three Valleys are connected with each other by lifts, and there are about 200 of them. So you practically do not need to take your skis off to go from one valley to another, or from one town to another.

Guide to the Three Valleys – interesting places, attractions.

Certainly, the stay in the Three Valleys itself is a real attraction and no one needs to be persuaded to do it too much, especially lovers of skiing and other winter sports. The world’s most magnificent pistes, beautiful views and the ski season that lasts virtually endlessly. Well, maybe we have exaggerated a bit with this season all year round, but in the highest parts of the mountains, snow actually stays there all year round. Therefore, ideal conditions for winter sports, both for professionals and for beginners, are the basic attractions of the Three Valleys. Another one that you should definitely visit is the town in the heart of the Three Valleys, which is picturesquely called Meribel Mottaret. Although it is a really small town, it attracts crowds of tourists throughout the year. The specific wooden buildings as well as the beautiful location in the very center of the Three Valleys make it an Olympic center.

In the Three Valleys, apart from winter sports, you can take advantage of many other attractions. Exclusive accommodation awaits tourists, offering not only accommodation, but also regional and exquisite cuisine, a whole lot of entertainment, both for adults and for children. Adults can spend a nice time in numerous restaurants and cafes, fitness centers, casinos, bowling alleys, etc. We can find practically everything there, so everyone will find something for themselves without any problems. An interesting place worth visiting is the spa with hot springs, located near the Three Valleys, in Brides les Bains to be exact.

Weather – when is the best time to go on vacation to the Three Valleys?

The ski season in Three Valleys runs practically from October to May, so there is a long time span to be able to plan your vacation here. However, as you can guess, skiing conditions depend on the vagaries of the weather, so the date is variable. Undoubtedly, the best conditions for winter sports are there in February and March, so when we choose this date, we will not be disappointed. The only downside of the peak season is that there will be quite a lot of tourists here, but there is no question of queues to the lifts there. There are kilometers of ski runs, and there are over 200 lifts, so everything always works flawlessly. Of course, there are also disadvantages, or actually one – the price. If someone has already been to Trzy Doliny, he knows perfectly well that you have to go there with a thick wallet.

In Three Valleys, everything is exclusive, from slopes, lifts, through hotels, to restaurants and food. And as you know, you have to pay a lot for luxury. Of course, we do not want to scare anyone here, because a holiday in Three Valleys is worth all the money. What is also very important, there are cheaper and more expensive places, but there is always a rule, the higher – the more expensive.