Safety in France – crime, what to avoid, good advice.

Although France has been one of the most industrialized countries in the world for years, the crisis of recent years has also affected this great metropolis. There is a visible increase in unemployment, and thus also an increase in crime. In large part, the main reason for this is that France is the European country that accepts the most emigrants. What is also extremely important, in most cases they also get citizenship and thus become full French citizens. A very high level of crime was also noticed in this sector, which is why the authorities decided to introduce new regulations on the basis of which French citizenship will be withdrawn from immigrants who have committed a crime. Of course, just like anywhere in the world, there are more and less safe places in France, especially for tourists who do not know the country, do not know its customs, customs and language. For this reason, they are a frequent attack by various types of criminals.

Safety in France – where to be especially careful

It is difficult to clearly define places where we can become a potential loot for a criminal, and where not. Of course, criminals have their paradise in all places where a large number of tourists visit every day. Fortunately, most often it is about petty thefts that are committed in shopping centers, meters, trains, etc. In total, in places where there is a large crowd of people and where the criminal can easily and quickly hide from a potential chase. So, let’s be especially careful while visiting the capital and other famous French cities. However, when we plan a holiday in the European part of France, whether in the north or on the sunny beaches of the Cote d’Azur, we may be exposed mainly to petty thefts and robberies. However, when we go to one of the islands, for example to Corsica, Guadeloupe or Martinique, let’s be really careful. Real crime flourishes there. Streets along which rich tourists walk during the day are filled with drug dealers, thieves and prostitutes in the evenings and at night. It is known that such practices are connected with serious crimes such as kidnapping, murder and robbery. It’s best to go to these islands only in large and organized groups, although here too we can never be 100% sure that nothing bad will happen to us. This is because organized attacks on large groups of tourists very often occur, because criminals know that they always have a lot of cash and other expensive items with them.

Good advice for tourists

Being on vacation in France, be careful about your safety. Avoid desolate places where we might be attacked. In large groups of people, be careful with your purses and wallets. It’s best not to carry a lot of cash and all ATM cards with you. It is best to hide the latter in a hotel room, and carry only one and a small amount of cash with you for the next few days. We should hide the wallets deep in our pockets so that they would not tempt potential thieves, we should not leave our bags in the car. We should also remember to carry emergency telephone numbers with us, so that, if necessary, we can notify the police or the embassy of our country at any time. It is best to write down these phones at home so that you always have them at hand. If we want to go on a sightseeing trip, we should never go alone, but always in a group. Let us also inform about this fact, for example, the receptionist in your hotel, so that in case of trouble he can notify the appropriate authorities.