A Brief History of France – the most important historical and contemporary events.

A site about the history of France – the most important events and historical figures, as well as the most important contemporary events.


France is a country with a very turbulent and interesting history, which had a direct impact on the appearance of France at that time, as well as the whole of Europe. The lands of the present state of France used to belong to the Gauls and then to the Romans. From the latter, in these lands, Christianity was initiated, which made a strong impression on the local culture. From 1958 to the present day, France is the Fifth Republic of France. The territory of France has a wide belt in Western Europe, and also has a lot of territory outside the European continent (Guadeloupe, Martinique, Costa Rica).

The Great French Revolution and Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon Bonaparte is a figure known not only in France but all over the world. His actions contributed to a large extent to changes throughout Europe and to its image today. He led to the overthrow of the then system and in 1804 he established the Empire of France, and he himself was proclaimed the Emperor of France. During this time, he made many changes, for example introduced a new tax system – some of these changes have remained unchanged to this day. He introduced a new civil code, called the Napoleonic Code, which is in force in France to this day. The political changes that France underwent during Napoleon’s reign, as well as the later ones that were their natural consequence, meant that France began to have a very strong internal stabilization and peace, and this contributed to the rapid development, enrichment of the state and achievement on the international arena of one of the strongest positions.

The position of France in the modern world

France is currently one of the world’s leading countries, it is an industrialized and highly developed country. It not only has a very strong economy, but also one of the most powerful armed forces in the world and is one of the major nuclear powers. French troops are stationed in many countries around the world, and thus have direct control over the political and military situation in the world. France is also one of the main members of the European Union and together with 11 other members of the Union, in 2000 introduced the EU currency – the euro. From now on, it is the currency of France.