Zambia, or holidays in Africa – geography, climate, safaris. Is it worth it?

Zambia sky, clouds lake

Zambia, Africa – safari, Royal Livingstone and Zambezi Sun, zebras, giraffes, antelopes walking freely around the hotel, on the Victoria Falls. Unforgettable vacation in Zambia.

Zambia – holidays in Africa

Many experienced travelers believe that a trip to South Africa would not be complete without a visit to Zambia. Why? Zambia – the birthplace of the Zambezi River, it provides its waters to one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world – Victoria Falls. Recently built in Livingstone, Zambia, the hotel complex Sun International (Royal Livingstone and Zambezi Sun), allow you to feel the atmosphere of unspoiled nature without having to give up the comfort of rest. Where else can you find zebras, giraffes, antelopes, walking freely around the hotel! In Zambia, at Victoria Falls, you will find a lot of fun bungee jumping from a height of 110 meters. Zambia’s national parks are as rich in flora and fauna as other countries in Africa. When visiting Zambia you will see Africa as seen by the legendary first explorer D. Livingstone.

The geography and location of Zambia

Geography: The country stretches from Lake Tanganyika to the Caprivi Strip in Namibia. It borders to the north with the Democratic Republic of Congo, to the north-east – with Tanzania in the east – with Malawi, in the south-east – with Mozambique, in the south – with Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia, in the south-west – with Namibia and Botswana, west – with Angola. The main natural attractions of the country – Victoria waterfall at an altitude of 110 m, river Zambezi on the border with Zimbabwe and Kalambo waterfall about 245m high. on the border with Tanzania.
Capital city – Lusaka.


Climate: The climate of the country is equatorial with three seasons: rainy and warm (from November to April), dry and cool in places (May-July), hot and dry (August-October). The temperature ranges from 15 ° C in July to 27 ° C in October. The annual rainfall in the north is 1,500 mm, and in the south – 700 mm. Maximum rainfall is from November to April.


Animals: Zambia is famous for its richness and diversity of nature, which is currently best preserved in national parks. Savannas and lions are home to antelopes, zebras, giraffes and other large herbivorous mammals, and predators include lions, leopards, hyenas and scavenger dogs. The waters are home to crocodiles and hippos. The world of birds is very rich. In addition to local species, birds from the north to the north winter in Zambia.

Attractions: the main attraction of this country – the famous giant Victoria waterfall 110 meters high and almost 1700 meters wide – located in the border region of the country on a river Zambezi, near City Livingston. In the city: anthropological museum and ethnographic museum. There are about 20 national parks in Zambia, incl. Kafuz, SiomaNgvezi, Luangwa, and other. One of the main attractions in Zambia, with the exception of a few national parks, is the town of Kabwe – the remains of the so-called “the man of Rhodesia“Living at the same time as the Neanderthal.