What is the Weather and Temperature in February in Cabarete?

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In February, the weather in Cabarete is very hot and ideal for swimming, sunbathing and relaxing on the beach. Other good months to visit Cabarete include April, June, July and September, when the temperatures are at their highest. The average maximum temperature is 82 deg C, while the minimum temperature is about 68 deg C.

Tropical rainforest climate

Cabarete experiences a tropical rainforest climate, with average temperatures of around 24 degC. The average high temperature varies slightly from day to day, rarely falling below 20 degrees or rising above 31 degrees. The average rainfall is 872 millimetres (3.1 in) per year, and the island experiences around 160 rainy days. The average amount of sunshine per year is about 3890 hours, with daylight hours ranging from 10 hours 57 minutes to 13 hours 17 minutes per day.

The average amount of rainfall in Cabarete varies, with each month experiencing slightly different rainfall levels. May and June experience higher rainfall levels than February or January. The average amount of rain in February is 0.9 inches, while May and November receive less than half that amount.

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Low chance of significant precipitation

In February, the chance of significant precipitation in Cabarete is low. The prevailing wind direction is from the east. The average hourly wind speed is 9.2 miles per hour in Cabarete. The calmer time of year lasts from late December to late March. The highest sustained winds are recorded in mid-July, at 14.1 knots.

The chance of precipitation varies throughout the year. The wettest months are from April to December. In average, there are seven days with significant precipitation during this period. In comparison, the driest month is March, with just three days of significant precipitation.

The longest day of the year in Cabarete is on June 21, and the shortest is in December. Daylight saving time is not observed in Cabarete. In the above map, black lines indicate solar midnight, sunrise and sunset, and colored bands indicate twilight, night and a low chance of significant precipitation.

High humidity

When it comes to the temperature of Cabarete, February is a humid month. The high seasonal norm for the month is 81 degrees Fahrenheit. The minimum and maximum day temperatures are similar to those of January. The number of rainy days also increases. In total, the city experiences about 250mm (9.82 inches) of rainfall in February. The number of sunshine hours also decreases.

The temperature is in the mid-thirties C during the daytime, but dips into the 60s F at night. The humidity is in the 70 percent range. However, this does not mean that it’s too humid. February is a great time to go snorkeling, as the winds are generally gentle. The water temperature in the ocean is a pleasant 26 degrees Celsius.

Windiest month

If you are planning a vacation to Cabarete in February, you need to be prepared for rain. This tropical island receives a minimum of three inches of rain every month. The wettest month is October, with an average daily rainfall of 6.4 inches. November is a moderately wet month, with two or three days of significant rainfall.

In February, the average maximum temperature in Cabarete is 82degF. The minimum temperature is around 68degF. The average maximum wind speed is 16 mph. The average wind direction is from the East.