Weather and Temperature in June in Juan Dolio

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If you are planning a trip to Juan Dolio in June, you might be wondering what the weather will be like. This article will give you information about average temperatures, number of days with sunshine, and chances of significant rainfall. You’ll also find information about water temperatures.

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Average number of sunny hours

The average number of sunny hours in Juan Dolio is 13.3. In contrast, the shortest day of the year is December 13 with only 11.0 hours of sunshine. These weather statistics were compiled using the MERRA-2 climate model and historic data from weather stations in the world.

The temperatures are still warm in June. The average daytime temperature is 32.5 degC (90.5 degF), while the nighttime temperature is 23.1 degC (73.4 degF). There are 12 rainy days in June, but the average number of sunny hours is still high at around seven hours.

The average temperature in January is 19.3 degC (66.7°F). This temperature range is comfortable for many activities, including sitting outside for lunch or dinner. The sea temperature averages 29.9 degrees in January and 26 degrees in February. The rainiest month is May, with about 175 mm of rainfall.

Average number of rainy days

The average number of rainy days in June in JuanDolio is 10. During this month, you can enjoy the pleasant climate of this island. The monthly temperature is around 31.7 degC. The sea temperature is a warm 27.6 degC, and the nights are cool and comfortable. The average number of rainy days in June is 10, but you do not need an umbrella to enjoy the beach. The water temperature of JuanDolio is perfect for refreshing dips.

The average number of rainy days in June in JuanDolio is 10. This amount of rainfall translates to an average of 2.4 days of rain per week. In Juan Dolio, rainy days are days when the amount of precipitation is greater than 2 mm (0.08 in). This is a good indicator of how often it rains, because it will affect how much you can expect to spend.

The rainy season in JuanDolio varies from year to year. During the winter, it can snow. In summer, the temperatures may be a bit hotter. If you want to go snorkelling, the water temperature is about 29.6 degrees Celsius. In the winter, however, temperatures are below freezing.

Chance of significant precipitation

In June, the chance of significant precipitation in Juan Dolio is 33%. However, on average, the area gets less than an inch of rain. Therefore, if you’re planning a vacation in Juan Dolio in June, you may want to consider other months.

The months with the lowest chance of precipitation in Juan Dolio are January, February, and March. On average, there are two days with no precipitation in each of these months. The wettest month of the year is September, with an average of 9.1 inches.

In June, the water temperature in Juan Dolio is 83 degrees Fahrenheit. The city experiences a total of 19.3 inches of rain in June. The average number of days with significant precipitation is 12 days. During this month, there are 9 hours of sunlight per day.

Average water temperature

In June, the average water temperature in Juan Dolio is 28.1 degC (82.6 degF), and the temperature at night is 23.1 degC (73.6 degF). The total number of days with rain decreases to twelve, and the amount of sunshine rises. The maximum day length is thirteen hours.

The minimum water temperature in Juan Dolio in June is 78 degF, while the maximum water temperature is 86 degF. The temperature is pleasant for many activities, like sitting outside for dinner or a stroll during the evening. During the day, temperatures average 30.2 degC (86.4 degF), which is warm enough to enjoy a cool dip.

The humidity in Juan Dolio is high throughout the year. However, some months are more humid than others. The least humid month is March, while the most humid month is October (78%).