September in Paris – What is the weather like in Paris in September?

What are the average air temperatures in Paris in September?

CityMonthMin (°C)Max (°C)Mean (°C)Min (°F)Max (°F)Mean (°F)
The average temperature in Paris in September

What is the average rainfall in Paris in September?

CityMonthMillimetersInchesDays with precipitation
Average rainfall in Paris in September

How much sun is in Paris in September?

CityMonthAverage number of sunny hoursThe sum of sunny hours per month
Hours of sunshine in Paris in September

What is the weather like in Paris in September?

The weather in Paris in September is pleasant, although there is the potential for rain at times. This means that you should take an umbrella and a waterproof coat when visiting this popular city. The average high temperature in September starts at around 71 degrees Fahrenheit and drops to 52 degrees by the end of the month.

The average temperature in September is 16 degrees Celsius, with highs of 22 degrees F and lows of 11 degC. The average daily high in Paris in September is 16.5 degrees C. The hottest day in 2013 was September 5th, with a temperature 11degC higher than the average. Those who are planning to visit the city in September should pack a jacket and bring warm clothes.

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