July in Paris – What is the weather like in Paris in July?

What are the average air temperatures in Paris in July?

CityMonthMin (°C)Max (°C)Mean (°C)Min (°F)Max (°F)Mean (°F)
The average temperature in Paris in July

What is the average rainfall in Paris in July?

CityMonthMillimetersInchesDays with precipitation
Average rainfall in Paris in July

How much sun is in Paris in July?

CityMonthAverage number of sunny hoursThe sum of sunny hours per month
Hours of sunshine in Paris in July

What is the weather like in Paris in July?

Visiting Paris in July

The weather in July in Paris is pleasant and temperate. Daytime temperatures in July range between 22 and 23 degrees F, with a few cool afternoons reaching 31 and 32 degrees. In July, the coldest temperature in the city was only five degrees Fahrenheit. The sky is clear for eighteen and nine days during the month, and the sun rarely sets during this time. Only one day in ten will be cloudy. The lowest recorded temperature is three degrees Celsius in July.

The weather in is a mix of warm and hot temperatures. Summers are very hot and humid, but the nights are not as hot as the days. The heat and humidity will not make you feel too warm, so hydrate regularly and pack lots of lightweight T-shirts for the warm days. You should also take a sturdy umbrella with you in case of rain. If you’d rather just lounge around the city, July is a great time to visit the parks in Paris. The parks are easily accessible by metro Porte de Pantin Line 5 and will be filled with activities and events. For example, you can take in a film in the park with the Open Air Cinema Festival.