Weather temperature in Marocco – in summer and in winter (January, February).

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Temperatures in Morocco.

On the Mediterranean coast, the country has a mild subtropical climate, in summer (June, July, August, September) with a temperature of + 30-35 C, and in winter + 15-20 C. In the south, the climate is more continental, with hot in the summer and cold winter.

The temperature varies considerably depending on the season and location. During this time, the further south in both the southern and south-eastern desert regions, the temperature can reach very high marks, and the thermometer in the higher mountain regions even in summer with frosts.

The most favorable time to travel to Morocco.

Weather-wise, according to statistics, the best time to travel to Morocco is the beginning of summer, when it will sometimes rain and the temperatures are more moderate.

Weather in January and February in Morocco.

Weather in January and February – the days are usually cool and rainy. Note that only the best hotels have a central heating system (because in Morocco, air conditioning is needed, not heating). The average summer temperature in Marrakech and Fez can be around 38 C, in coastal cities (Casablanca, Rabat, Tangier) + 27 ~ 29 C. South of the Atlas Mountains, the temperature rises.