Burgas – location, climate, weather and interesting places.

Burgas region - beach and waves

Burgas is a large city in Bulgaria, with a permanent population of about a quarter of a million inhabitants, and this number increases significantly during the summer season. The very interesting location of the city, surrounded by beautiful lakes: Atanos, Mandrein and Burgas, as well as numerous tourist attractions make it a truly unique place. Due to its specific location, the town has a healing microclimate, which was cleverly used by the locals and numerous spas have been created there.

Weather and temperature.

Burgas has a temperate climate which makes the summers dry and warm, and the winters mild and rainy. The lowest temperatures are recorded in January and they are around 0 ° C, and the highest temperatures in July are around 30 ° C. In the autumn the wind blows quite strong, which makes the perceived temperatures slightly lower.

Interesting places in Burgas.

Most of all, tourists come to Burgas because of the unique natural values ​​and the attractive location among picturesque lakes. In Burgas, it is necessary to stay for a few days in the famous spa in Łazienki Mineral. A stay in this spa is recommended for people with rheumatic, bone, nervous and gynecological problems. However, many treatments are prophylactic, so that each of us can indulge in such treatments.

In addition, you must see:

  • Seaside Park
  • Cathedral of Cyril and Methodius
  • historical Museum
  • ethnographic Museum
  • Natural History Museum and much more.