August in Paris – What is the weather like in Paris in August?

What are the average air temperatures in Paris in August?

CityMonthMin (°C)Max (°C)Mean (°C)Min (°F)Max (°F)Mean (°F)
The average temperature in Paris in August

What is the average rainfall in Paris in August?

CityMonthMillimetresInchesDays with precipitation
Average rainfall in Paris in August

How much sun is in Paris in August?

CityMonthThe average number of sunny hoursThe sum of sunny hours per month
Hours of sunshine in Paris in August

What is the weather like in Paris in August?

In August, temperatures in Paris average 25/30 degrees Celsius. You can expect to experience some storms, but you can also enjoy warm, sunny days. The average daily high is 24 degC. The lowest temperature in the city during August is only about 43F (6C). The days are mostly sunny, with an average of 18-19 hours of sunshine per day. On average, there are 11-12 days of rain and only one day is considered to be cloudy. The humidity levels are generally comfortable, and you’ll only need to pack a t-shirt if you’re planning on a romantic break.

In addition to the summer weather, Paris also has a mild winter in August. During this time, temperatures can be cold and pleasant, but they can reach the mid-80s during the month. The Louvre and Musee d’Orsay open late at night and you can visit them after sundown. Remember to check the weather forecast, especially during the hot summer months. There are many closed establishments in the city, so don’t get too attached to a restaurant. If you want to enjoy the best weather possible, try visiting a different area of the city.

The temperature in Paris is comfortable and moderate, with an average of 20degC and a low of 16degC. The rains are rare during August. If you are planning on sightseeing, you should stay indoors. If you plan on visiting the beach, you can take advantage of the man-made beach along the Seine. During this time, the sun will be out for eight hours a day. The average humidity is 64%.