What is the Weather and Temperature in November in Samana Peninsula Dominican Republic?

November in the Samana Peninsula is a month of average temperatures and rainfall. The average rainfall in November falls between the 25th and 75th percentile bands, while snowfall is also common. The average length of the day decreases by 22 minutes, with the shortest day occurring on November 30 and the longest day on November 1.


The weather and temperature in Samana Peninsula is pretty consistent throughout the month of December. The average temperature is about 27 degrees Fahrenheit, and the average low temperature is 23 degrees. However, the UV index is high in December, and sun protection is essential to avoid skin cancer and other skin diseases. Limit your time in the sun between 10am and 4pm, and use a broad spectrum SPF 30+ sunscreen every few hours. You should also wear UV-blocking sunglasses.


The January weather and temperature in Samana Peninsula is typically very pleasant. The average daily high temperature is 81degF, and the average daily low is 71degF. This is a perfect time to swim. The wind is normally moderate, with the average daily maximum reaching 10mph. The direction of the wind is East-Northeast.


The weather in Samana is tropical rainforest, so it’s no surprise that the area has high humidity. The average monthly rainfall is around 60 millimeters, and there’s rarely any drought. The temperature stays around 18 degrees Celsius, and humidity levels are nearly constant. Even in the dryest months, there are often heavy showers. And the rain is intense, often erupting in quick succession.


The weather in the Samana Peninsula is fairly comfortable throughout March. The maximum temperature is 79degF and the minimum temperature is 71degF. The maximum wind speed in March is 12mph. This is slightly lower than the previous month but remains above average. The average wind direction is from the East-Northeast.


The Samana Peninsula has some of the best beaches in the Dominican Republic. You’ll find white sand beaches, azure waters, and secluded coves to explore here. One of the most recommended beaches is Playa Rincon, which offers a calm, sandy shore.


The weather in Samana Peninsula is typically warm and pleasant throughout the year. The temperatures range from 170degF in february to 183degF in july. The sea temperature is about 172degF. The rainiest months are April, May, and November. January and February are the best times to visit Samana. The lowest temperatures during these months vary from 19 in the morning to 26 at the end of the day. The average annual rainfall is 99 inches. In November, there are 18 days with no rain.


The average temperature in November is 81 degrees F, but the average daily high temperature drops by 2degF. The daily low temperature varies only slightly, but is typically around 74 degF. The percentage of warm days that fall between these two extremes is 79.8 percent, which is still warmer than the national average. The days are shorter than they are long in November, so visitors should plan their activities accordingly.


The Samana Peninsula has a tropical rainforest climate with average monthly temperatures of 174-180 deg F. Even during dry months, the region can experience rain showers and up to 60 millimeters of rain. The humidity level is almost constant at 77%, with daily temperatures hovering around 18 degrees Celsius. While this is hot, rainy days are short and often violent.


The weather in Samana is mild, with moderate wind speeds. The shortest day of the month is November 30, while the longest day is November 31. The wind direction is predominantly east. There is the possibility of a few cloudy days. The average wind speed is around eight miles per hour.


The weather in Samana Peninsula in November is usually pleasant, with highs reaching 31 degF on average. This is a bit cooler than the previous month, which averaged 32 degF. The lows are mostly in the mid-70s and rarely exceed 76 degF. During November, the average wind speed is primarily east, with the highest proportion occurring on November 30.