What is the Weather and Temperature in August in Cabarete?

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In August, the weather in Cabarete can be quite unpredictable. This is why it is important to know what to expect from the weather there. Below you can find information on average temperature, humidity, and chance of precipitation, as well as the best time to visit.

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Average temperature

August is one of the hottest months in Cabarete. Its average temperature is 87 degrees Fahrenheit, with lows around 78 degrees. Visitors have described the weather in August as warm with a gentle breeze. September is the hottest month in Cabarete, and March is the coolest month. Below is the average temperature of Cabarete in August, based on historical data.

Cabarete enjoys a tropical rainforest climate with rainy winters and hot summers. In August, temperatures average about 25.5 degC (78.0 degF), with the hottest temperatures during the day and the coolest at night. It receives an average of 948 mm of rainfall per year. It receives less rainfall during the winter months than it does in the summer, and the rainiest days are December and January.


The humidity in Cabarete in August is a little higher than it is in the rest of the year. It averages around 84%. The minimum temperature in August is about 74 deg F and the maximum is 85 deg F. The minimum temperature for August in Cabarete is about 75 deg F. The daytime average in August is 12.8 hours of daylight, while the average nighttime temperature is 79 deg F. The wind speed in Cabarete during this time is also higher than in other months, at about six knots.

Humidity in Cabarete in August is high, so be prepared for a lot of humidity. However, it won’t be unbearable. August is considered one of the hottest months of the year. Even though the daytime temperatures in August are high, nighttime temperatures are still cool and comfortable. This is the best time to visit Cabarete.

Chance of precipitation

The average number of hours of sunshine in Cabarete is 12:48. The maximum sustained wind speed is 14.1 knots, which is considered a moderate breeze. August is the windiest month. The average daily temperature is 79.4 °F, which is above the tropical average.

Cabarete has a tropical rainforest climate, which means that the city sees heavy rainfall during some periods of the year and relatively dry periods of the year. While it’s never completely dry, it’s especially humid during the summer. Fortunately, the ever-present eastern wind helps to keep temperatures moderate. Most tourists visit Cabarete in the early summer months, but it is possible to see tropical storms during the warmer months.

The ocean temperature in Cabarete in August is around 83deg, while the minimum temperature is 79degF. There is minimal cloud cover during this time of year. Temperatures in Cabarete in August can reach 88degF, but they rarely fall below 79degF. The maximum dew point in Cabarete in August is 79degF, which is quite oppressive.

Best time to visit

If you love the beach, the best time to visit Cabarete is in August. The average temperatures are high, with lows around 77°F. August’s days are usually sunny and there is little chance of rain, with the maximum number of rainy days being around 13. The average amount of rainfall is around 200 inches, with twenty days without rain.

This is the slow season in the Dominican Republic, so you’ll find that most tourist attractions are much quieter. Many Dominicans living abroad come back to the country during this time to visit their families. Extended vacationers from Europe are also likely to take advantage of discount packages.

Month with lowest chance of significant precipitation

August is one of the hottest months in Cabarete, and the sea is warm and a popular destination for swimming. However, the best months to visit Cabarete are June, July, and September, when the temperatures are milder and the water is still warm. The average high temperature in August is around 86degF, and the average low temperature is 76degF.

August has the lowest chance of significant precipitation during your trip to Cabarete. The average wind direction is from the East. The temperature can vary a lot from day to day, so be prepared for some rainy days.