What Are the Sockets in the Dominican Republic?

When visiting The Dominican Republic, it’s important to understand how the power sockets are different from those in your home country. While European electrical appliances use 220 volts, Caribbean countries use 110 volts and 60 Hz frequencies. To ensure proper functionality, plug your appliance into the correct socket. To determine which type of socket you’ll need, look for two flat pins adjacent to each other.

Most devices will work in Dominican Republic power sockets if you’re familiar with their specifications. Adapters are small plastic devices that allow you to plug different types of devices into a Dominican Republic outlet without changing the voltage. Alternatively, you can use a step-up power converter, which will change the voltage but may be more expensive.

Depending on your purpose of travel, you may need a power plug adapter or voltage converter. Before traveling, you should check which types of electrical outlets you’ll need and which power plugs you’ll need before packing. The two main types of plugs are type A and type B, with the former having two parallel pins and a grounding earth pin.

If you’re travelling with an American-style plug or an American-style outlet, you’ll need to use a plug with the type of plug you’re used to using. If you’re traveling from the United States or the UK, you’ll need a Type B plug or adapter. Type B plugs are also common in the Azores, Belize, Trinidad and Tobago.