Weather in Tunisia in summer and winter. Average temperatures in Tunisia.

Tunisia temperature

In the north of Tunisia, a Mediterranean climate with mild, rainy winters and hot, dry summers. Coldest months: January and February. During this time, the air temperature at night drops to +6 … +8 C (in some years to negative values), and the day is around 15 degrees. The warmest are July and August, where it is usually around 20 degrees at night, and the air is heated to +32 … +38 C. The most rainy period is from October to February (monthly rainfall 50-60 mm, and the number of days with precipitation ranges from 12 to 16). In the driest months of July and August (monthly rainfall of 2-3 mm, and the number of days with rainfall no more than 3). The breeze on the sea coast reduces the feeling of heat, so subjectively the temperature and heat seem a bit lower than it really is. The bathing season runs from May to November. During this time, the water temperature never drops below 20 degrees.

Temperatures in the south of Tunisia.

To the south (south of the Gulf of Gabes), the climate is more continental and arid. In the coldest months – January and February – the temperature drops to +5… +7 C at night, and +15… 17 degrees during the day. The hottest months: July and August, temperatures at night from + 21 to +23 degrees, during the day + 40C. There is little rainfall, even in “wet” October, the sum of rainfall is only 33 mm in 3-4 days. The driest – June, July and August – only 2 mm, and in July there is a complete lack of rainfall.