Weather and Temperature in Sosua in January

Dominican Republic
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In January, the average temperature is 21.8 degrees Celsius (70 degF), and the average number of sunny hours is 30.9. The sea temperature is 26.8 degrees Celsius (80 degF). The number of rainy days begins to increase. However, the average temperature remains comfortable.

Average number of sunny hours in January

Sosua has a low number of sunny hours. The average number of sunny hours is only 8.6 hours per month. The UV Index for January and February is between six and seven. A UV Index of six to seven indicates that the health risks of UV ray exposure are high.

The average temperature for January in Sosua is 26.4 degC (79.1 degF). The temperature at sea is slightly higher, at 26.8 degC (80 degF). Throughout January, the average number of sunny hours per day is 6 hours. The number of rainy days per month is eleven. The minimum temperature during the month is 20.0 degC (68.0°F).

The climate in Sosua is tropical. Maximum day temperatures are around 28 degC (83 degrees F) and minimum temperatures are around 18 degC (65 degrees). The coldest month is January, with temperatures averaging 18degC at night. Over the course of the month, the area receives approximately 185mm (7.3 in) of rain.

Temperatures in Sosua are relatively warm. The average high temperature in January is about 81degF and the average low is seventy-five degF. The lowest temperatures in Sosua happen in November and December. The hottest month in Sosua is August. The driest month is June.

Average night temperature in December

Sosua’s average night temperature in December is a pleasant 20.0 degC (68.0 F). It is also the right temperature to enjoy morning sports and outdoor activities. However, if you want to avoid the chilly temperatures, you should choose an air-conditioned hotel.

The average daytime temperature is 28.4 degC (83.1 F) and the sea temperature is 27.0 degC (80.5 F). The number of rainy days is on the decline, with only eleven days in December. The average amount of rainfall is 241 mm (9.47 in). The average night temperature is 20.0 degC (68.0 F). During this month, there is minimal sun exposure.

The month of December in Sosua has a wet climate. This means that there are about 10 days of rain per month. Despite this wet climate, Sosua still enjoys a comfortable temperature. The thermometer in December averaged 81degF during the day and 74degF at night. The average temperature in December is 77degF, which is higher than the 67degF in 2010.

Sosua has a tropical climate, so there is no dry season. The average daytime temperature in Sosua ranges from 28.2 degC in January to 32.4 degC in September. The lowest daytime temperature in Sosua is in March, with a low of 25.8 degC (78.5 degF). The driest month is April, with only eight days of rain, while the rainiest month is October with 13 days of rain.

If you are unsure of the weather in December, you can use the Easyvoyage weather tool to determine what type of weather to expect. This tool displays rainfall and temperature indicators, along with wind direction and force. In December, the sea water temperature is about 20degC, which is a pleasant temperature for bathing. The Dominican Republic’s Northern coast experiences more rain during the winter months. The average rainfall in Sosua during these months is 61 millimeters per month.