Weather and Temperature in La Romana, Dominican Republic in July

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The average sunny hours in La Romana during July are 7.6 hours per day. You can also expect the average rainfall to be around 1.6 inches per month. The average temperature is around 26 degrees Celsius. The humidity is around 50%. However, the temperature can vary considerably throughout the month.

Average sunny hours

La Romana, Dominican Republic is a tropical location. Daytime temperatures are typically between 30degF and 33degF, while nighttime temperatures generally range from 19degF to 23.2degF. The driest month is March, while the wettest month is November. July is one of the hottest months of the year, with highs ranging from 76degF to 90degF. The lowest temperatures are in February and March.

The summer months in La Romana are hot and humid, with July being the second warmest month of the year. Average nighttime temperatures are around 23degC. July is also the sixth driest month, with only 96mm of rainfall occurring over 15 days. The average amount of sunshine is 8.7 hours a day.

The average sunny hours in July in La Romana are seven in the morning and eight in the evening. The weather is typically warm, with highs in the mid-80s during the day and lows in the low 70s at night. The island is popular with vacationers during school breaks and Christmas. During this time, you can enjoy lower rates and fewer crowds. Also, if you visit the island during the summer, you should avoid the peak of Semana Santa and New Year’s Week.

Chance of significant precipitation

The average monthly temperature in La Romana is 86 degrees Fahrenheit (F). The number of days with precipitation is around 8.0%, or about 0.15 inches. The driest month is February. The average number of dry days is 13.1 days. The amount of rainy days fluctuates throughout the year. You can expect zero or three days of significant precipitation in July.

The climate in La Romana is tropical with dry and wet seasons. Typically, there are fewer cloudy days in the dry season. The average yearly temperature is 82 degrees Fahrenheit (27 degrees Celsius). During the wet season, there are more thunderstorms and higher humidity. The dry season has fewer storms and a lower humidity.

The Dominican Republic has a tropical climate. It is typically hot from May to October, with cool winters. The country is divided by mountain ranges, which affect the rainy season. Generally, rains don’t reduce sunshine by much, and they typically only last a few days a week.

Average monthly temperature

The average monthly temperature in La Romana is around 76degF. It rarely drops below 74degF and rarely exceeds 78degF. The highest average low temperature is recorded on July 23. The hottest days of the year usually range from 76degF to 90degF, while the coolest days are around 70degF to 85degF.

The Dominican Republic is generally warm year round, with hot weather from May to October and pleasant winters. North-facing slopes are wetter than the south-facing ones, while mountain ranges tend to increase or decrease the effect of trade winds. There are some areas in the country with very humid climates and lush vegetation.

The warmest months of the year are June and July. You can take your pick between them, but be sure to pack plenty of sunscreen and sunglasses. The driest places are the inland valleys, while the rainiest are the north coast.