Uganda – the best weather and temperatures for holidays – safaris, attractions.

Uganda - a beach on Lake Victoria

Uganda – Africa – Safari, Lakes Victoria, Alberta, Kyoga, Edward and others. Kabarega waterfall and the river systems of the white Nile, the tombs of the kings of Buganda, attractions, climate, holiday weather

Uganda – holidays in Africa

UGANDA – a country in East Africa, located near the equator north of Lake Victoria. It borders to the west with the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), to the north – Sudan, to the east – Kenya, and to the south – Rwanda and Tanzania. Area of ​​241.1 thousand square kilometers. Population 32 million 369 thousand 5558 people (estimated data in 2009).
Capital city – Kampala.

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Uganda climate – weather and temperature.

Uganda Climate – subtropical, milder in higher altitudes. Temperature During the day, they range from 27-29 ° C to 16-18 ° C in most areas. With the exception of a small area in the northwest of Uganda, and parts of the territory in the northeast of Uganda, there are significant rainfallwhich allows farmers to harvest twice a year. Almost everywhere, the average rainfall is around 1000 mm per year, while in the south, in the areas adjacent to Lake Victoria and in the west in the Rwenzori mountains – over 1500 mm. Precipitation is greatest in the south of Uganda in March and September, and a month earlier – in the north. The rainy season is clearly separated from the dry season.

Tourism in Uganda.

From 1950 to 1960, Uganda’s tourism industry began to develop rapidly, national parks were created and hotels were built. In 1960, tourism was the third most important source of income.

During the reign of General Amin tourism industry was completely destroyed. From 1990, the tourism industry began to revive. In 1997, the country was visited by 230,000 foreign tourists (in 1971 – 85,000). Revenues from tourism in 1997 amounted to approximately 125 million. dollars (only coffee exports generated higher revenues). Uganda was visited mainly by tourists from Great Britain, the USA and Western European countries. They were drawn to Uganda – sources of the Nile (Victoria- Nile) in the Jinja area, national parks: Queen Elizabeth, famous waterfall Murchison Falls and others, as well as the burial site of the last kings of Buganda in Kampala.

Holidays in Uganda.

Holidays in Uganda will be especially interesting for people who like nature: Uganda – one of the three countries in the world where mountain gorillas. Moreover, there are beautiful places in Uganda Coral reefs at the source of the Nile, many species of freshwater fish in unique lakes, including Lake Victoria, as well as opportunities for ethnic tourism. Lake Victoria, Alberta, Kyoga, Edward and others, Kabarega waterfall and river systems the white Nile are unique natural phenomena, and parks Rwenzori and Acholi they are among the best in Africa. The capital of Uganda – Kampala – on the shores of Lake Victoria. It is a modern and lively city with casinos, nightclubs and trendy restaurants that are not often seen in equatorial Africa. The main attraction of the capital – Kampala is the Museum with a rich collection of exhibits in the field of archeology, ethnography, music and science. Interesting cathedral Rubaga, and on a hill Kasaubi tombs of the kings of Buganda, built in 1881 – huge traditional structures of reed, cloth and bark – a holy place for the people of Uganda.

Uganda – the smallest of the three countries in East Africa, but it still fascinates and delights travelers on the continent. It is no coincidence that Uganda is often referred to as “the pearl of Africa”. A country with lush vegetation, forests, lakes and mountains, it is an ideal place for relaxation and recreation.