Tunisia – holidays. Tunisia resorts and tourist attractions.

Tunisia offers a wonderful beach holiday, seasoned with Oriental exoticism. Holidays in Africa, Tunisia – not as hot as in Egypt, not as famous as in Turkey, and not as expensive as in the Emirates. But most importantly, it attracts willing and connoisseurs to Tunisia – thalassotherapy. The level of the procedures is absolutely at the highest European level, the quality of all natural products used for therapy deserves praise and they are absolutely not expensive. In antiquity, wealthy Phoenicians and Romans valued the area’s hot healing springs and local climate.

Holiday resorts of Tunisia.

Mahdia, Monastir, Hammamet, Sousse, Djerba – these cities, as well as modern resorts in Tunisia, actually arose a quarter of a century ago. Hotels in Tunisia will surprise you with comfort, service, and most importantly – all at a reasonable price.

Tourist attractions of Tunisia.

To spend the whole vacation in Tunisia sunbathing without a break – it’s wasteful. There are a huge number of sights, including the famous Carthage, and the possibility of taking excursions to the Sahara! If you are not a lazy tourist – take advantage of sunbathing – golf lessons, horse riding lessons, surfing lessons, wine tasting and delicious local cuisine. Make Tunisia easier for you to understand and compare it with the famous one from oriental stories.