Top 5 Attractions For Families With Children in Naxos

Naxos is a Greek island that offers plenty of activities for all ages. It boasts some of the finest beaches in the Cyclades region and enjoys perfect weather between May and September.

Naxos Chora (Hora), the capital, is a bustling port town filled with restaurants and shops. A must-visit attraction is the ancient Temple of Apollo located close to its center – an unmissable sight!

1. The Old Town

Naxos’ Old Town is a bustling hub full of intriguing sights, shops, restaurants and tavernas – something for everyone.

Families with children will love exploring the Old Town, as there is so much to see and do. From tourist shops selling souvenirs and t-shirts, to more unique stores offering craft items and clothing, there’s something for everyone in this lively destination.

Experience the charm of Old Town by strolling its charming streets and alleyways, full of stalls selling all sorts of local products. From fruits to olives, cheese to wine – there’s something for everyone here!

Take a break from Portara Gate to Halki, an idyllic neoclassical village featuring winding alleyways and classic Naxian architecture. Here you’ll find many art galleries and boutique guesthouses – a world away from the busy beaches and tourists at Portara Gate!

Families with children will love visiting the Temple of Apollo. Remains of this Ionic marble temple constructed in the 6th century BC make for an unforgettable stop for anyone visiting Naxos.

2. Medieval Towers & Castles

Naxos’ towers were constructed as a defensive measure to safeguard its people and island. Constructed largely of local marble and enclosed within an effective wall, they served as lookout points and fortifications alike.

Naxos’ medieval castles provide a window into an age long past, when Latin conquerors and pirates shaped its history. Today, these fortifications and castles still stand tall as reminders of those bygone days.

One of the most impressive fortresses in Naxos is Glezos tower, situated between Mount Zas and the sea. This circular tower has been well-preserved over time through renovations, providing an outstanding example of an ancient defensive structure.

Climb a set of stairs to reach the tower for an unforgettable view of Naxos Town and its environs. Once at the top, enjoy breathtaking panoramas!

As you pass through the gates of the tower and explore its narrow alleys and courtyards, you will get a taste for medieval life. Many old mansions are preserved here with coats of arms on their lintels.

This neighborhood boasts several iconic buildings, such as the Cathedral and Archaeological Museum. Furthermore, it hosts numerous dance shows and theatrical performances throughout the year, including the famed Naxos Festival. If you’re searching for an educational yet enjoyable attraction with your family members in tow, make sure to visit this area soon!

3. The Archaeological Museum

The Archaeological Museum of Naxos is an important institution with an impressive collection of Cycladic art. It also houses fossils dating back more than 70,000 years as well as statues and figurines from different periods.

Naxos boasts many archaeological sites, but this one is especially popular with families with children. As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, visitors will be in awe at the incredible stonework that has been unearthed here.

Visit the museum and you can explore a wealth of artifacts, from ornate pots and funeral gifts to cameos and painted terracotta roofs that would have been used in sacred buildings.

At the museum on Naxos you can explore the fascinating history of emery mining and Greek civilization. Additionally, you’ll have a chance to admire an impressive marble collection from throughout Greece.

Apeiranthos museum, situated in the picturesque mountain village of Apeiranthos, is a must-visit when on Naxos. Not only is it one of the best museums on the island but it also provides stunning views over the sea.

Naxos’ Kastro, a Venetian fortress from the 13th century, is another must-see attraction. Spend some time admiring this majestic castle – an iconic symbol of Naxos – by taking a leisurely walk around its grounds.

Another remarkable sight is the Portara, an iconic example of Greek architecture from the 6th century BC. This massive and imposing marble doorway is a must-see during your stay on Naxos.

4. The Beaches

Naxos offers an expansive selection of beaches to explore, from secluded pebble coves and romantic coves, to fashionable hangouts with tavernas and bars as well as idyllic spots for scuba diving.

If you’re searching for the ideal beach for your family, Agios Georgios Beach is unbeatable. This gorgeous sandy shore boasts shallow waters and all the amenities needed to have a wonderful day in the sun. Plus, Agios Georgios has several tavernas and beach bars open until late so that parents can have an evening out without worrying about their little ones getting too bored.

Nissaki Beach Hotel and Restaurant Nissaki offers an ideal beach vacation. It boasts an idyllic pool and exquisite seaside restaurant serving delicious Greek dishes. Plus, it’s just a short walk away from plenty of other restaurants and beach clubs.

For something more energetic, why not take a half-day cooking class in one of the local villages and learn about the island’s vibrant agricultural heritage? What an ideal way to get acquainted with the island and make new friends!

Agios Prokopios Beach is another popular Naxos destination that’s easily reached by bus (every 30 minutes in high season). The area is well organized and trendy, boasting plenty of cafes, restaurants and tavernas along the beachfront.

For those who enjoy scuba diving, this island is a popular choice as several dive centres provide lessons and guided dives.

Naxos’ beaches are truly spectacular, offering stunning views that should not be missed. No matter your age or style of vacation, everyone should experience these stunning expanses!

5. The Restaurants

Naxos offers an array of restaurants to suit any palate – from traditional Greek treats to fusion cuisine. No matter if you’re in the mood for breakfast or dinner, there is sure to be a restaurant that meets your needs.

Soulatso, a local favorite located in Naxos Town, is an excellent option for an evening meal. Their restaurant boasts an expansive menu and welcoming atmosphere that’s sure to please all your taste buds!

Naxos’ must-try restaurant, the Never Mind Cafe Cocktail Bar, offers an array of delectable dishes such as soft tacos and club sandwiches. Plus they have delicious burgers and pizzas to choose from!

The Old Market Street is an idyllic promenade and must-visit during your vacation to Naxos. Here, you can browse elegant boutiques, traditional souvenir stores, art galleries and numerous small tavernas that come alive in the evenings.

Naxos’ alleyways are full of history and mythology that kids will love exploring. These are great opportunities for them to get acquainted with the island’s past while having some fun exploring it!

Naxos’ Venetian Museum, housed in a medieval castle, is one of the most intriguing attractions for history buffs. A must-visit for all who appreciate learning about our island’s past.

For cycling enthusiasts, Naxos offers plenty of great paths and trails for you to enjoy with your family or friends. Rent a bike and go on an exciting family ride or join one of the guided tours for some expert guidance!

Naxos offers several child-friendly beaches for families with young children. These areas feature clear waters and fine, sandy seabeds. Some even feature beach bars where you can sip cocktails while enjoying the sun.