Top 5 Attractions For Families With Children in Kos

Kos is one of Greece’s most family-friendly islands, boasting plenty of activities to keep children occupied during their stay.

The island boasts numerous sandy beaches with crystal-clear waters, many of which have been specifically created for families. Some are situated along the coastline while others can be found in mountain villages.

1. Agios Fokas Beach

Agios Fokas Beach is a picturesque sandy beach within close proximity to Kos Town. It boasts an uncrowded atmosphere, making it a great option for families who want to get away from the crowds and enjoy some quiet time.

Agios Fokas, a quiet beach with an adorable chapel, is the perfect destination for family holidays. Here, the sand is soft and fine and the water a mix of turquoise and clear – ideal for sunbathing and relaxing in peace.

The water here is clean and crystal-clear, making it ideal for swimming and snorkeling. While not wave-protected, there typically aren’t any strong waves during the season.

Make the most of your time at this beach by taking advantage of its various facilities, such as sun loungers and beach bars. There’s also a playground, beach volleyball and tennis courts to enjoy.

You have several options when it comes to accommodation near the beach: you can stay in a hotel or apartment complex near it, or book a private beach cabana with your room reservation. Agios Fokas is popular with tourists but you don’t have to stop there; take time out of your vacation and explore other parts of the island while you’re here!

Agios Fokas is an ideal spot to enjoy the sea view in both the afternoon and night hours. It boasts several taverns offering both Greek and international cuisine.

2. Lido Water Park

Spend your day in Kos at one of its premier water parks. Lido is an expansive facility that provides a fun-packed day out for all ages and is one of the finest on Greek Islands.

This sprawling waterpark is a favorite with families as it provides all the activities you could possibly need for an entire day of splashing around in the sun. It boasts various slides, such as a multi-lane slide and black hole ideal for racing or experiencing an adrenaline rush.

After your exciting adventures, take a dip in one of the pools or Jacuzzis for some relaxation. For something quieter, there’s the Lazy River which is ideal for kids who need to cool off after some serious fun!

The park is surrounded by cafes and bars, providing plenty of places to grab a snack or cold beverage during the day. Plus, food at these establishments is reasonably priced so you can enjoy an entire day of wet and wild fun at half the cost!

This park is especially child-friendly, featuring areas for small tots such as a gentle wading pool and interactive children’s playgrounds where they can play safely in a supervised setting. Plus, there are several water pistols, waterfalls and an interactive water bucket – making for an exciting day out with all your family!

In addition to all the water slides and high-speed flumes, there’s also a trampoline, beach volleyball court and an impressive wave machine – one of Europe’s best! There are some cafes and sun loungers around the park too, plus there’s a locker room where valuable items can be kept secure while you have fun.

3. Windmills of Antimachia

Kos is packed with amazing activities, from stunning beaches to ancient ruins. But for families with kids in tow, there are a few places that should not be missed while visiting this stunning region.

Kos’ Windmills of Antimachia are one of the best attractions for kids to explore, located five kilometres inland from Mastichari. The village offers plenty of activities such as exploring its traditional early 20th century house and admiring its last remaining windmill – one of the few remaining on the island!

The Amallos family owns and operates the windmill, now a popular tourist attraction. After it was destroyed by the 1933 earthquake, they have taken great care to restore it.

Entrance to the windmill is available for a nominal fee, and you can take an informative tour around it to learn about its operations. Plus, you’ll get to view the miller’s room and flour storage areas – all for just a few Euros! With such great value in mind, this could be an ideal day trip for your family!

Once you’ve finished exploring the windmill, why not grab a bite to eat at one of the local taverns? They serve up delicious Greek food and some of our favorite bread sticks – be sure to try them!

Kos has some fantastic attractions for kids to visit, such as the World’s First Hospital. Situated a few minutes outside Kos town, this ancient site is worth taking your kids to; they’ll feel like they’re living history!

Kos is full of amazing places to explore, making your trip even more exciting. Plus, it’s a great opportunity for the kids to get out of the sun for some respite and give you some alone time to unwind.

4. Zia Natural Park

If you’re visiting Kos for the first time with kids, Zia Natural Park should be on your must-visits list. This natural park provides an excellent opportunity to take them away from all the tourists and learn about local plants and animals while enjoying some fresh air!

Zia’s best time to visit is during the spring when temperatures are milder, prices are lower and fewer tourists are present. Plus you can witness one of the island’s stunning sunsets while admiring stunning views of both the village and its surrounding mountains.

Another wonderful activity to do in Zia is taking a leisurely walk around its cobblestone paths. You’ll have plenty of chances to spot birds, feed them and simply enjoy some fresh air!

At the snack bar, you can enjoy an herbal tea made with herbs found in the park. Popular varieties include mint, wild asparagus, marjoram and sage.

Experience an unforgettable boat tour and view some of the other islands surrounding Kos. Plus, you’ll get to enjoy a delicious souvlaki buffet lunch on your way back to Kos!

Are you planning a family vacation to Kos? There are plenty of places to choose from – beach resorts, authentic villages or luxury hotels. No matter which accommodation option you opt for, you’ll have plenty of attractions and activities for kids to do. Plus, there are plenty of restaurants where you can sample local cuisine and experience Kos’ culture firsthand!

5. Kos Castle

Kos is one of the top holiday spots in the Dodecanese, boasting stunning beaches and an array of castles – many from medieval times. If you’re travelling with children, be sure to include a visit to one of these castles in your itinerary.

The Castle of Neratzia in Kos is an iconic reminder of the island’s past and a must-visit destination. Constructed during the 16th century to protect Kos town, it now serves as both cultural centre and museum.

Walking around this medieval castle is like entering an alternate reality, its walls lined with broken columns and spolia (recycled ancient building materials).

At the center of the castle stands an Odeon, once a Roman theatre. Nearby are remnants of an ancient Hellenistic Gymnasium that served as a sports facility.

This fortified structure is home to the Hippocrates Tree, believed to be descendant of the plane tree under which Hippocrates taught his students 2500 years ago.

The castle is an ideal spot to watch the sunset from its bastions. For an even more unique experience, book a Jeep safari where you’ll be taken off-road by 4×4 Land Rover around some of Kos’ hidden gems for 7 hours with lunch included at a traditional Greek tavern in Zia village – it’s sure to be an unforgettable trip for all members of your family!