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Check what attractions Tignes has prepared for you. Find out about the weather, guide and entertainment in Tignes.

For starters, I suggest watching a sensational film about the history of Tignes and the modern ski resort:

Tignes Guide – Professional Video

The less known face of France is, above all, its numerous picturesque mountain towns. Among them is also Tignes. Reigning in Tignes weather that’s enough friendly weather conditions almost all year round. Prevailing in the area Temperature tignes are as follows:

Weather in Tignes

  • December-February – the temperatures range from (-2) – (-1) degrees C to 5-9 degrees C;
  • March – May – temperatures ranging from 2-9 degrees C to 12-22 degrees C;
  • June – August is the temperature amplitude ranging between 10-13 degrees C and 23-26 degrees C;
  • September – October temperatures range between 1-8 degrees C and 8-20 degrees C.

Main attraction of Tignes primarily long winter season from November to May. This means that almost all year round, this place invites us to a real winter madness. The terrain of Tignes is so shaped that you can cultivate here:

  • classic skiing;
  • snowboarding;
  • freestyle skiing;
  • advanced alpine skiing.

However, these are not the only attractions that the town has to offer. In its area, we can also train and cultivate:

  • paragliding – they can be practiced at any level of advancement, also when we want to start our adventure with this fascinating sport;
  • driving on ice – Tignes provides us with:
  • an ordinary skating rink for classic skating with an area of ​​over 300 square kilometers;
  • a specially designated area on a frozen lake;
  • ice hockey rinks.
  • For people looking for good entertainment, they can be special Thursday ice events with live music.
  • Icekarting – it’s something for extreme sports enthusiasts; this discipline consists in driving on a frozen track with the use of specially prepared vehicles resembling our go-karts;
  • climbing a … frozen waterfall– we receive a special outfit for the route; all the time, we are under the watchful eye of the instructors.

There is also in Tignes a modern sports and recreation complex. Attractions available in its area include:

  • sauna;
  • swimming pool;
  • jacuzzi;
  • fitness room.

Entertainment Tignes

Although Tignes is sometimes associated mainly with winter sports, there are plenty of places in its area where you can spend your free time. They serve this purpose, numerous: bars, pubs and restaurants on the slopes that offer, apart from good food, live music, tasty drinks and a great atmosphere. Tignes is also a very popular place for New Years Eve. Then there is a live event in the open air. New Years Eve in Tignes, it is also an attractive fireworks display.

Tignes – general information

Town what I’m talking about, was established in 1936but it did not take on today’s shape until the flood and the ground metamorphosis. Therefore Tignes as a ski resortand, it functions physically since 1970.Overnight Tignes primarily, well-equipped apartments for several people with basic comfortsi. Almost all of them are very close to the slopes. There are also paid car parks nearby.

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