The best tips for travelers who want to travel to Bulgaria.

Tourists on the beach in Bulgaria - funny

Ever since Bulgaria became a member of the European Union, it began to develop very dynamically. Many cities and tourist resorts have experienced a construction boom. The seaside and mountain holiday resorts quickly gained popularity among holidaymakers. A variety of shops and nights of life have developed.

The amazing Bulgarian mountains occupy almost half of the country’s territory. Golden beaches stretch along the Black Sea for over 300 kilometers, which means that many people spend their holidays and vacations on beautiful beaches in Bulgaria. Holidaymakers can choose from authentic Bulgarian towns and villages that have retained their charm and tempt tourists with their Bulgarian hospitality. Bulgaria is particularly proud of its rich tradition and folklore, which are very important in the everyday life of Bulgarians.

In addition to an amazing holiday by the sea, Bulgaria also has many other tourist attractions to offer:

• Sofia – the capital of Bulgaria with many architectural influences from different cultures. There are many museums (great archeology museum), churches (the amazing Nevski gilded church and the most popular church of St. Sofia), galleries and operas

• Be sure to taste wine and fruit in Melnik

• The old town of Plovdiv – the second largest in Bulgaria, divided by the Martisa River.

• Visit the Batchkovo temple, which is located 8 km from the town of Plovdiv, in your holiday vacation. These are just a few of Bulgaria’s many attractions.

Holidays in Bulgaria, during the communist period, were associated in Poland with great luxury and were available only to the chosen few. Today it is a country that is relatively rarely visited by our compatriots. More often we choose all exotic destinations, where it is warm and sunny all year round. However, it is worth remembering about good Bulgaria, because apart from low prices, it has many other attractive things to offer. In the summer season, we encourage you to relax on the eastern coast, which will delight you with beautiful beaches. In the winter season, however, we recommend the southern mountain areas, famous for their professional ski slopes.

Safety in a nutshell.

Although Bulgaria belongs to the European Union, it is a poorly developed and relatively poor country compared to other Member States. We should remember about this during the holidays, because various types of robberies are quite frequent there, especially in the summer, when there is quite a lot of tourists. Let us be careful in public transport and other human centers. We should also be careful when exchanging currency in exchange offices, and it is best to do it only in proven places or in banks.

Little advice.

In Bulgaria, you don’t tip and it’s downright unwelcome. They are most often added to the bill, especially in large restaurants and hotels. Remember that you can pay with the card in large shops, hotels and restaurants. In smaller ones, this can be a problem, so it is always worth having at least a small amount of cash with you. If you like the sunshine and warmth during your holiday, you should go to Bulgaria in July or August.