The Alps – weather, map, guide.

Information about the Alps – weather in the Alps, map, guide – the most interesting places and routes.

The Alps are the longest mountain range in southwestern Europe. It is approximately 1,200 km long and stretches from the Mediterranean Sea to the Danube Valley. Thus, the Alps are located on the territory of several European countries:

  • Slovenia
  • Austria
  • Italy
  • Germany
  • Liechtenstein
  • Switzerland
  • France

Weather in the Alps – the influence of climate on weather conditions.

Due to the different and specific conditions of the geological structure, the Alps are divided into western and eastern Alps. There is much more precipitation in the Western Alps than in the Eastern Alps. In the highest parts of the mountains, due to the large amount of rainfall and low temperature, there are so-called many years of snow. Highest peak: Mount Blanc (4810 m), next to the Pennine Alps and the Bernese Alps, are the most glaciated ranges of these mountains. On the other hand, the largest glacier in the Alps in terms of surface area is the Aletschgletscher glacier (area 117.6 km 2). If we want to go skiing in the Alps, then of course we will have the best weather conditions in winter. However, the Alps are also a beautiful mountain range that invites you to hiking in summer and spring. A whole lot of mountain trails, as well as the high standard of tourist facilities, invite all connoisseurs and lovers of the mountains.

Average temperatures in the French Alps.

Month Min (° C) Max (° C) Mean (° C) Min (° F) Max (° F) Mean (° F)
January -7 3 -1.8 20 37 28.7
February -6 6 -0.2 21 42 31.6
March -2 10 3.9 28 51 39
April 1 14 7.4 34 57 45.4
May 5 18 11.8 41 65 53.2
June 8 22 15.1 47 72 59.2
July 9 24 16.8 49 76 62.2
August 9 24 16.4 48 75 61.6
September 6 19 12.8 43 67 55
October 3 15 9 37 59 48.1
November -2 8 3.4 29 47 38
December -5 3 -1.1 23 37 thirty
Table: Average temperatures in the French Alps

Guide – the most interesting places and routes.

The most interesting places to visit in the Alps.

The Alps are a paradise on earth for winter sports enthusiasts. Although there are countless places to go crazy in the snow, there are only a few of the most frequently chosen ones. Undoubtedly, the Paznaun valley in the Austrian Alps should be mentioned first. Over 340 km of slopes and 70 lifts. The routes are always prepared at the highest level. Of course, nothing is for free and it is not difficult to guess that the prices are also at the highest level there. Although among these tourist places, we will find the more expensive and cheaper ones. One of the most expensive resorts is located in the small town of Ischgl and is very popular with famous personalities and celebrities. Other resorts worth visiting are:

  • Kappl
  • See
  • Galtur
  • Samnaun (Switzerland)

The Austrian and Swiss Alps are undoubtedly a real gem for skiers. On the other hand, the Julian Alps (Slovenia) is a real paradise for nature lovers and hikers. It is worth going especially to:

  • Visevnik (2050 m above sea level)
  • Mala Mojstrovka (2,322 m above sea level)
  • Jalovec (2645 m above sea level)

It is worth visiting picturesque towns full of monuments and interesting stories (Radovljica or Lesce).