South Africa – sightseeing: Cape Town, Drakensberg, Durban, Johanessburg.


Even the most discerning tourists cannot miss this beautiful city in South Africa. A picturesquely situated city at the foot of the Table Mountain and among beautiful landscapes, wonderful beaches and vineyards, and around inspiring, mysterious and wonderful plants and animals. Local travel agencies organize excursions into the city’s surroundings, including hiking, boating, cable car rides, and mountain excursions. The city itself has many very interesting and rich in exhibits museums and monuments.


Dragon Mountains (Dragon Mountains) – these are log mountains, built of sandstone, slate and basalt, which stretch along the eastern border with Lesotho. People have lived here for thousands of years, as evidenced by this paintings in the caves of the people of the San tribe. These drawings occur at the most varied heights, and even where the average European will not enter. Particular attention has been paid to these rocks in recent decades in order to carefully study the graphics of the handwriting of African tribes. Most of these rocks are occupied by national parks, the most exciting of them is this Royal Natal National Parkdefinitely worth visiting while on vacation in South Africa. The southern boundary of the park creates a natural setting amphitheater, with a radius of 8 km, at the foot of which we discover breathtaking views, like from the top.


Durban – is a large subtropical city in the northeastern province KwaZulu-Natal. This city has been the main port of South Africa since 1850 and is the largest population center Hindu. Today the city is known for its vibrant nightlife and is center tourist destination in South Africa. The weather and water temperature on the beach all year round attract many tourists. In the city center there is a gallery with an excellent collection of examples of South African contemporary art and a natural history museum.


It is an amazing city of contrasts, a great metropolis where unbelievable wealth and human poverty they live side by side and with each other. Johannesburg – this schemerpresent at the heart of this troubled country. If you want to see the reality of South Africa and try to understand it, Johannesburg must be included in your South African trip.