Meribel Mottaret – Alpine skiing, weather and town guide.

Meribel Mottaret is a picturesque town situated in the heart of the Three Valleys in the French Alps. The specific location of the town allows for very convenient access to virtually all ski runs of the Three Valleys, and as we know, there are quite a lot of them there, about 150 km of wonderfully prepared slopes. It is not without reason that the entire Three Valleys is called the center of world skiing. What is also very important for sports enthusiasts, the routes are always very well prepared here, and the weather conditions, climatic conditions and location are favorable for it. Apart from the undoubted attractions for skiers, Meribel Mottaret is also simply a picturesque place for relaxation, not only in winter.

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Guide to Meribel Mottaret – tourist attractions

Due to its location in the center of the Three Valleys, Meribel Mottaret is a tourist attraction in itself. It is a small town where you can easily find modern and exclusive accommodation, and above all, great ski runs that lead to other regions of the Three Valleys, make it visited by crowds of tourists every year. Although it is a really small town, it is simply impossible to be bored here. There is an Olympic center here, so we can witness many sports events and meet many sports stars. There is also an observatory, planetarium, ice rink, cinemas, spa, many shops, restaurants. On the one hand, it is a town bustling with life, especially in the winter season, at the same time there is a specific climate here, thanks to which we can take a break from everyday life and routine. In addition, numerous stations, ski lifts, and at the same time a whole crowd of interesting people, tempt you to choose Meribel Mottaret for your vacation destination.

Weather in Meribel Mottaret

Average air temperatures per month in Celsius and Fahrenheit in the French Alps:

Month Min (° C) Max (° C) Mean (° C) Min (° F) Max (° F) Mean (° F)
January -5 5 0.1 23 41 32.3
February -4 7 1.2 24 44 34.1
March -2 10 4.4 29 51 40
April 2 13 7.2 35 55 45
May 5 18 11.6 42 64 52.9
June 8 23 15.5 47 73 59.9
July 10 26 18.1 51 78 64.6
August 10 26 18.1 51 78 64.6
September 7 twenty 13.6 44 69 56.6
October 3 15 9 38 59 48.3
November -1 9 4.2 31 48 39.6
December -4 6 1 26 42 33.7
Average air temperatures per month in Celsius and Fahrenheit in Meribel Mottaret

What is the best month for a skiing holiday in Meribel?

Due to the fact that Meribel Mottaret is the cradle of skiing, after all, it lies in the center of the largest ski area in the world – in the heart of the Three Valleys, it would be a sin to come here and not go skiing or snowboarding.

So, to enjoy all the benefits of this lovely place, you need to come here in the winter period (October-April) – in the high parts of the mountains, the season often lasts even until May or June.

If, however, we are in France in the summer, it is also worth visiting and at least taking a walk on the mountain trails, admiring the mountain nature and beautiful views.