Means of communication in Seychelles – taxis, buses, public transport

Public Transport in Seychelles

Unless you plan to go on a cruise, public transportation on the Seychelles islands is fairly limited. There are only buses and ferries operating on the islands, and the fares vary. A night bus ride on the island of La Digue will cost you around ten Seychelles Rupees, while an ordinary day trip costs between ten and fifteen SCR. Alternatively, you can hire a bicycle for the day at the harbour. There are also bikes and scooters for rent, and the price drops if you rent them for several days.

While taxis are relatively safe in Seychelles, there are some dangers to two-wheeled transport. Locals don’t take bicycle riding seriously, and the number of accidents on these types of vehicles is rising every year. On top of this, the roads on Seychelles are a huge source of hazards. Often narrow trails rise upward, right next to precipices. And there are no traffic barriers or bumpers, so you’re at risk of colliding with another cyclist or car. The consequences of a crash can be deplorable.

Buses are the main mode of transportation in Seychelles, and they can be found on the two largest islands, Mahe and Praslin. The buses, however, lack many amenities and require a major overhaul. The interiors of the buses are stuffy and drivers don’t follow a strict schedule, so you have to plan. Moreover, the bus stops are often scattered across the island, so you can’t be certain of your destination at any given time.

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Taxis, buses, car rentals.

You can reach Seychelles by plane, so the journey, although quite long – about 15 hours, should not be tiring or difficult. A certain problem starts when you don’t have your own car. However, even in such an exotic place as the Seychelles, you can do well without your own means of transport, because there are many alternatives on the spot.

Taxis, buses and rentals

We recommend the use of local buses and taxis. Of course, we can only move them within the area of ​​a given island, but most of them are in good condition and there is no concern about safety. You can also rent a car in some places, but we do not recommend driving alone, let’s rent a car with a driver. This will save us a lot of time and nerves, because we do not know the local roads and it will be easy for us to get lost.


In such an exotic country as Seychelles, let’s not forget about our safety. We should never go on lonely trips, nor should we go out to sea alone. Let us remember that we do not know the conditions there and we can easily get into trouble.