Language in Seychelles

When going to Seychelles, we shouldn’t have any problems with communicating, because there are three official languages: Creole, French and English. This situation is due to the fact that the island was under French and British rule for many years. It was not until 1976, from the moment of independence, that the local population fought for their native language, or rather a certain variety, to also become an official language.

A variation of Creole

The Creole language, spoken by the vast majority of the inhabitants of Seychelles, is a language derived from the old French, which has been enriched with certain Asian and African phrases and words used by settlers arriving on the island. Currently, despite the fact that English is the main official language, most people speak Creole, and interestingly enough, we will also hear this speech on television.

Phrase book

If you are going to the Seychelles, it is worth knowing a few basic phrases in Creole so that you can talk to the locals. In hotels, we can easily communicate in English or French. Of course, if we do not know these languages, it is worth buying a phrasebook with basic phrases so that you will not have problems on the spot.