La Plagne – weather and attractions in the popular French ski resort of Aplach.

Reigning in La Plagne weather the weather conditions are quite friendly for skiers. In practice, this means quite high temperatures even in winter. Prevailing in La Plagne temperature are as follows:

  • December -February is temperatures starting at -2 – 1 degrees C to 5-9 degrees C;
  • MarchMay is the temperature amplitude ranging from 3-9 degrees C to 12 – 22 degrees C;
  • June August in turn, these are temperatures ranging from 10-13 degrees C to 23-26 degrees C;
  • September November on the other hand, it offers temperatures ranging from 1-8 degrees C to 8-20 degrees C.

Average air temperatures per month in Celsius and Fahrenheit in the French Alps:

Month Min (° C) Max (° C) Mean (° C) Min (° F) Max (° F) Mean (° F)
January -5 5 0.1 23 41 32.3
February -4 7 1.2 24 44 34.1
March -2 10 4.4 29 51 40
April 2 13 7.2 35 55 45
May 5 18 11.6 42 64 52.9
June 8 23 15.5 47 73 59.9
July 10 26 18.1 51 78 64.6
August 10 26 18.1 51 78 64.6
September 7 20 13.6 44 69 56.6
October 3 15 9 38 59 48.3
November -1 9 4.2 31 48 39.6
December -4 6 1 26 42 33.7
Average air temperatures in the month in Celsius and Fahrenheit in La Plagne

La Plagne and its attractions

Probably the most popular ski resort in the Alps.

A video guide to the ski resort La Plagne.

Choosing a place for your trip to France La Plagnewe have the opportunity to meet one of the oldest ski resorts in eastern France. This town encourages both winter sports enthusiasts and whole families with small children to visit. For the former, La Plagne has to offer, among other things 425 km of ski slopes and 140 ski lifts. People with children can spend a nice time in one of the quiet, peaceful local mountain villages. When asked if it has La Plagne attractions for people visiting them, we answer: definitely yes. They are, among others:

  • fitness centers;
  • wellness centers;
  • ice rinks;
  • toboggan runs.

In addition, you can also take advantage of additional attractions such as:

  • paint ball;
  • squash;
  • bowling.

One of the busiest attractions in La Plagne is Olympic bobsleigh track available to tourists. You can also watch dog sled racing. For those seeking extraordinary entertainment, we can recommend:

  • snowshoe walks;
  • glacier climbing;
  • helicopter tours in the immediate area.

A quote from Top Snow Travel (complete guide):

La Plagne has so many different styles of villages (11 villages in total including 7 high altitude) and accommodation from large buildings that look like cruise ships stuck on top to traditional Savoyard hotels and cottages. There is something for everyone in La Plagne.

Most of the slopes in La Plagne are suitable for beginners and many are long with a gentle slope. Therefore, La Plagne is not the best place for snowboarders. But skiers have a lot to offer in the ski area known as Paradiski. The elevator system is efficient and helps you explore the abundance of villages with ease.

Even though La Plagne is a high-altitude, snow-sure ski resort, there are many slopes below the tree line which are great when the snow is good and visibility is bad.

More advanced skiers can enjoy a wide range of freeride terrain beyond the La Plagne slopes. After recent snowfall and when avalanche conditions are favorable, head to Bellecôte and the slopes of Roche de Mio. To really make the most of the off-piste terrain, book a guide or instructor to take you to the best spots.

La Plagne is also connected to the neighboring resort of Les Arcs, which almost doubles the ski area, making it the third largest in the world. Both resorts are connected by a two-level cable car that transports skiers across the valley. Due to the size of the Paradiski area, skiing in both resorts in one day is not a viable option. If your time in La Plagne is limited, just stick to the local pass and extend it with an extension day to Les Arcs. This will save you money in the long run.

When it comes to choosing a place to stay, you have a wide variety of options. This is because La Plagne is made up of eleven individual villages, seven of which are high altitude. Vacation properties range from traditional Savoy hotels and chalets to huge buildings that look like cruise ships moored in the mountains. This means that literally everyone will find something for themselves …

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