Kenya and Mombasa – restaurants, bars, night entertainment … safari and civilization!

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Kenya, Africa – safari, Life without adrenaline does not exist for you? Come to Kenya. Mombasa – restaurants, bars, night entertainment … civilization !, climate, temperature, air, water, attractions, national parks, resorts, currency.

Kenya – the land of safari.

Kenya – the birthplace of the safari. Safari in Swahili means “we go and look.” But it is not to be confused with safari with hunting. Safari – it’s “go and see.” Kenya offers safaris for every taste:

  • Safari in the wild – do not regret it, on foot or in a jeep, enjoy watching the animals in their habitats.
  • Historical and ethnological safaris. Getting to know the life and living conditions of the Maasai – indigenous people of Kenya, historical – that is, broadening the horizons of knowledge and we become richer with new experiences.
  • Beach Safari. Kenya’s uniqueness lies in offering tourists not only the wealth of Kenya’s flora and fauna, but also a wonderful beach holiday in a luxury hotel on the coast of Mombasa.
  • Safari Sport. Golf, trekking, climbing the mountains of Kenya, rafting among waterfalls – all this and more can be found in Kenya by tourists who are used to an active lifestyle.
  • Safari Adventure. Do you like risk? Life without adrenaline doesn’t exist for you? Come to Kenya. No, you won’t be bored.
  • Panoramic Safari. For connoisseurs of the beauty of nature, Kenya is a real treasure. The unique photos taken while traveling in Kenya will make a worthy place in your priceless collection.
  • Safari hobbyist. If you like diving, bird watching, collect the conquest of mountain peaks – fulfilling your interests will always be a priority for Kenyan tourism specialists who offer a fascinating journey to this wonderful country.


The currency of the country – Kenyan shilling. International credit cards such as American Express, Visa and others are accepted.

ATTENTION! National currency may not be exported outside Kenya.


There is no African heat in Kenya. Kenya has an exceptionally mild climate – one of the reasons the country is so popular with tourists. On the equator – tropical climate, on the coast of Mombasa – warm and humid, near Somalia – dry. In huge savannas that lie 1,200 meters above sea level, the nights are cool,daytime temperatures usually +22 ‘C +30 C. ”. Near Lake Victoria – wet and rainy. Average temperature in Nairobi + 24 ° C, on the coast + 28 ° C. You can relax here all year round.

Kenya is situated on the equator and tourists should and know that there is only one season – summer – more precisely, what in Europe is called the “peak” of the season, – in which air temperature in Kenya is + 25-30 C, a water – + 25-26 C.

Water: It is not recommended to drink tap water and drink drinks with ice, to cool yourself better buy water and drinks in bottles.

Fruit: Markets are not recommended for purchasing sliced ​​fruit. They should be washed thoroughly with detergents before consumption.

Swimming: It is recommended to swim only in designated areas.

Safari: During the Safari Safari can not:

  • go out of the place of stay without an accompanying guard,
  • during the trip, get out of the car or van without the consent of the guide – the driver (in case of an emergency, must move quickly).
  • take pictures of the natives without their consent or permission, do not visit them at home without an accompanying guide.

ATTENTION! Kenya has an environmental law, including a ban on hunting all species of animals.

Main cities and resorts:

Amboseli National Park, Masai Mara National Park, Lake Naivasha, Lake Nakuru, Watamu, Lama, Malindi, Nairobi, Kenyan Mountains, Mombasa.
Mombasa. A traditional beach holiday and just an hour’s flight from Nairobi. Oriental colors of an ancient Arab port city, excellent luxury hotels – soft, white, delightful sandy beaches (the best in the world) – restaurants, bars, night fun … civilization!