July – weather in the Seychelles in July – temperature

Seychelles July

Seychelles is an amazing place, full of unspoiled beaches and mysterious places where you can be completely alone. This is especially possible on islands where there are not too many tourists, such as on Silhouette Island, where everyone will be amazed by the rainforests and attention: the cave where the treasure of a famous pirate has been hidden. Yes, such a legend is circulating all over the Seychelles and there are still more daredevils who go in search of this cave. So we can see that Seychelles is an extremely interesting place, where it is impossible to get bored, no matter when we go there.

July in Seychelles- temperatures

Air temperatures in July in the Seychelles are around 25 ° C, so a decline is visible, although it is still pleasantly warm. There is also quite a strong wind, but there is no cyclone hazard on the inner islands. Only on the southernmost islands can this threat occur locally.

What is the weather like in Seychelles in July?

The average temperature for Seychelles in July is 26 degrees Celsius. The minimum temperature is around 79 degrees and the maximum is at 21 degrees. The country receives a small amount of rain, which tends to fall in the predawn and late afternoon hours. There is little chance of severe weather in July. Air conditioning is available in most accommodations. The wind speed is 16.1 miles per hour.

In July, Seychelles is dry, with daily temperatures of 28degC and humidity levels of 75%. Water temperatures are around 29 degrees and the winds are moderate. Muggy days will occur on occasion, but it won’t be a concern as the islands are protected by the ocean. If you’re planning a trip to Seychelles in July, make sure you book your accommodations well in advance.

The temperature is warm during July, but it can drop a few degrees at night. On July 27, the average surface water temperature is 79 degrees Fahrenheit. You’ll likely want to wear light clothing and sandals if you’re planning on spending the entire day in the sun. You’ll also want to pack sunglasses, a hat and sun cream. These will help keep you protected from the UV rays.

Weather forecast in Seychelles in July:


Everyone who dreams of riding a scooter in the ocean around the Seychelles islands must know that in many areas the use of this type of equipment is prohibited, as well as motor boats and any motor boats. Most of the surrounding waters belong to nature reserves and in this way the authorities and lovers of unspoiled nature want to protect the unique flora and fauna and do not want to disturb their natural development. So it remains to grab the oars and move around in this way.