January in Bulgaria – weather and temperature.

Bulgaria flooded with snow in January

Although January in Bulgaria can be cold and frosty, just like in Poland, it is an ideal place to spend a winter holiday. Lovers of all winter sports will be especially delighted, as there are many well-prepared ski slopes in Bulgaria, both for advanced people and beginners. In addition, very high-class tourist facilities in the form of hotels, restaurants and discos.

Weather and temperature.

Bulgaria, like Poland, is under the influence of a moderate climate, which makes the winters there cold and windy. Air temperatures in January are around -5 ° C during the day and -10 ° C at night. Of course, the higher in the mountains, the lower and more variable the temperature is. Bulgaria is snowed the most in January, making it a true winter sports paradise.

Winter sports in Bulgaria.

As we mentioned above, there are many good quality ski slopes in Bulgaria that are suitable for both beginners and advanced skiers. One of the largest winter tourist destinations is Bansko, located in the Pirin Mountains in southwestern Bulgaria. Professional routes for skiers, snowboarders, young and old. In addition, equipment rentals, ski schools, cross-country and cross-country routes that attract tourists from almost all over the world.
What is also very important, especially for families with children, there is a kindergarten in the town, where, under the care of animators and professional tutors, you can leave the children when we go on more difficult routes that are not suitable for the youngest.