Greece Vs Spain Prices Comparison

Greece is a paradise for travelers who desire to immerse themselves in breathtaking natural splendor. With its extensive ancient history and hundreds of idyllic islands to discover, Greece truly offers something for everyone.

Spain is a popular travel destination with stunning beaches, historic towns, and delicious food – but if you’re searching for the best deals on your vacation, Greece might be your best bet instead.

Which country is cheaper?

Greece and Spain are two popular destinations for those seeking an adventure abroad. Both countries boast stunning landscapes, captivating cities and towns, as well as delectable cuisines.

Greece may have more history, but Spain takes the cake when it comes to culture. Cities such as Madrid, Seville and Barcelona boast world-class art galleries, museums and stunning sights like Basilica de la Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.

Spain provides a much wider variety of food than Greece does, from tapas to full-on steaks, chorizo and fresh seafood.

The Czech Republic is an attractive option for digital nomads and remote workers due to its excellent work environment, high standard of living, and adequate health care system.

Thailand was once one of the most affordable Asian countries, but that’s changing as tourism grows rapidly. Still, Thailand remains a budget-friendly haven with low cost street food and easy public transport to get around.

Restaurant Prices

Generally, dining out costs in Greece and Spain are relatively similar. Restaurants cater to all budget levels, even in expensive cities where affordable options are plentiful.

Tavernas and estiatorios are the two most common restaurant types in Greece. Here you can enjoy classic Greek dishes in a relaxed setting.

Start off by trying tzatziki (garlic, yoghurt and cucumber) or fava (split peas). Finish with a glass of Ouzo – an aniseed drink – or some refreshing Greek wine.

Seafood is another popular tavern specialty. Prices are often quoted per kilogram.

When purchasing fish, be sure to ask the seller to weigh it and confirm the price. Be wary of overcharging so be sure to double-check with the staff at the taverna for accurate pricing.

Beer is a major draw at tavernas, with plenty of local and foreign options to choose from. Fix from Athens, Mythos from Komotini, as well as various imported German lagers are all excellent choices.

House prices

If you’re searching for a house in Greece, you should know the country boasts some of the lowest property prices in Europe. This is particularly true if you plan on investing in property with the intention of renting it out or reselling it later on.

Houses can be purchased to suit a range of budgets, from luxury villas in prime locations to more budget-conscious properties near the sea. Furthermore, houses may generate high rental yields when you decide to let them out to foreigners.

However, before purchasing a property, make sure it meets your criteria. Doing so increases the probability that you are making an informed decision and investing wisely.

Furthermore, it’s essential to assess the condition of a building. Although not required by law, doing so is wise.

After the 2008 financial crisis, Greece’s real estate market is on a steady upward trend. Prices remain 20-25% lower than before the recession but are rising rapidly nonetheless.

Food prices

Food prices in Greece and Spain tend to be quite reasonable, particularly when compared with other European destinations. To keep your wallet contented, try eating at small restaurants or laiki markets (Greek for people’s market).

Save yourself some cash by avoiding crowded, touristy areas. Head a few blocks away from the main attractions for more reasonably priced restaurants and cafes.

Many restaurants offer an unbeatably cheap and tasty breakfast for under EUR13. Lunch tends to be the most expensive meal of the day, usually priced around EUR35.

Spanish cuisine offers a daily set menu with two or more courses that can be had for just a few euros per person. Prices for menu del dia in Spain are on par with those found elsewhere, and will surely leave your mouth watering. Plus, many menu del dias offer the added bonus of adding wine or beer at no additional charge! Even in more tourist-heavy cities such as Madrid or Barcelona, you may find one under EUR20!

Transport prices

Transport prices in both Greece and Spain tend to be similar. However, travel costs can be heavily affected by season, so it’s essential to take into account when planning your vacation when selecting which time of year to visit.

Both countries offer an abundance of adventure travel activities. From the mountains to the coast, visitors can enjoy bungee jumping, mountain biking, paragliding, zip lines and ropes courses for an exhilarating experience!

Spain’s rail network is extensive and highly efficient, making it the best option for travelers in major cities. Trains offer convenience and efficiency at reasonable costs – so make use of them!

If you’re not a huge fan of trains, buses are an excellent alternative. These travel across the country and often at low costs – though they tend to move along at a slower pace than high-speed trains or flying.

You can purchase tickets either online, at a ticket office, or at stations with computerized facilities. Contrary to intercity buses, on rural/island routes there is no assigned seating; you must wait your turn until the conductor (ispraktoras) dispenses your ticket on-the-spot.

Taxi prices

Taxi prices in Greece and Spain can vary based on several factors, including the vehicle size/shape/distance between you and the driver, as well as time of day. All these elements will contribute to determining how much a ride will cost you.

Furthermore, you should take note that in Greece there are strong taxi unions which protect their drivers against competition from chauffeur services like Uber. Furthermore, these cabs tend to be less comfortable than other countries’ and some drivers don’t speak English either.

One way to guarantee you get the most value for your money when booking a taxi in Greece is to book it ahead of time. Not only does this secure you a reliable company, but also guarantees an agreed-upon flat rate fee with no hidden costs.

Taxi fares in Spain are set by local authorities and subject to change. If you’re uncertain of how much a taxi ride will cost you, our fare calculator can give you an estimate.

Petrol prices

Recently, there has been a palpable sense of economic doom and gloom across Europe, particularly Spain where inflation has reached a 37-year high and prices on items like eggs and olive oil to utilities bills have gone up significantly.

Petrol and diesel prices around the world may differ due to differences in international oil prices per barrel, but taxes imposed by governments also factor into this equation. In Europe, VAT (Value Added Tax) is a commonly used fuel tax that typically accounts for more than 10% of your final bill at the pump.

Fuel costs in some countries can be further compounded by taxes such as the Special Tax on Hydrocarbons (IEH). Recently, however, Spain announced it will extend a 20 cents per litre subsidy on petrol and diesel that was due to expire at the end of this year.

Accomodation prices

Both countries offer an abundance of high-end hotels and resorts, but competition for top billing can be fierce. With some research, however, you should be able to identify a suitable option that meets all your requirements. Depending on your budget, you have two choices for accommodations: a mid-range hotel or an indulgent luxury suite at an exclusive spa complex. Alternatively, budget-conscious travellers could try staying at a B&B or hostel. For the more discerning traveller, luxury B&B or boutique hotel or resort might be worth considering for an unforgettable experience. Both Greece and Spain are popular tourist destinations; therefore, be sure to book well in advance of your departure. Both countries boast some of Europe’s most iconic cities, yet each has its own distinct charms and personality. Whether you’re after breathtaking natural sights or vibrant city nightlife, both countries will provide something for everyone.