Can you dive in Seychelles?

Can you dive in Seychelles?
What are the best diving spots in Seychelles?
Diving schools.


Diver in the ocean in the Szychelles

Seychelles is the perfect place for diving. Unusual coral reefs and clear water make it a place every diver dreams of. There are a lot of diving sites and they are among the most beautiful in the world. What is also extremely important, there are places for both beginners and advanced.

Can You Dive in Seychelles?

Best time of the year to dive.

Can you dive in Seychelles? You can go diving year-round, but the best conditions are in November to May. During these months, the seas are calm and the water temperature is 29oC. While diving in Seychelles can be challenging, snorkelling is not difficult. Visibility is 30 meters or better. You will also enjoy excellent visibility and a variety of reef fish. In addition, the island chain has three official languages – French, English, and German.

The water temperature in Seychelles is usually 26-28degC. 

The water temperature is also very pleasant during these months. Visibility reaches up to 30 metres on most days, making diving a great choice even for non-swimmers. However, diving in December-January can be dangerous. Cyclones rarely hit the Northern part of the island, so visiting during these months is not recommended.

Best places for diving in Seychelles. 

Where to dive?

The sites around the inner islands are perfect for beginners, and the outer ones for advanced divers with ocean water experience. Very interesting places are near the island of Pralin, where there are coral reefs that are over 8000 years old. Many species of fish and wonderful underwater vegetation will delight everyone without exception.

The south side of the huge atoll of Desroches offers some of the best scuba diving in the world. Dives take place off the wall of an ancient limestone reef that has been sculpted by the ocean’s waves. The resulting landscape is an unforgettable backdrop for scuba diving. The walls of the reef are covered with brilliant red sea fans and large black coral. The outer reef wall is home to longnose hawkfish and other fascinating marine life.
The southern part of the island is home to some of the most spectacular scuba diving in the world. The outer portion of the island is home to an ancient limestone reef, which was sculpted by weather and waves for centuries. It provides a stunning backdrop for scuba diving. Along the walls, you’ll encounter brilliant red sea fans and barrel sponges. The deepest dives in the Outer Islands are at least 40 meters deep, and offer a surprisingly challenging underwater environment.

The outer islands of Seychelles offer some of the most beautiful dives in the world. The outer islands are made of granite, which is the most common material used in the construction of the world. This makes the reefs in the South West the most beautiful of the Seychelles. The outer islands are also home to some of the best coral diving in the world. The main cities include Mahe, Victoria, and Praslin.

The weather in Seychelles is warm all year round. The air temperature is about 24degC, and the water temperature is a pleasant 25-28degC. The best time to dive in Seychelles is during the calmer months of November and May, as these months are the most suitable for diving. You will be able to find the best conditions for diving in the warmest months of the year.

Sharks attacks in Seychelles

Shark attacks are rare in Seychelles, but there are some cautions about diving in the south. There is a higher risk of sharks, particularly in the deep waters. In this case, it’s safer to stick to shallow waters. But some of the islands don’t have strong currents and are perfect for drifting. Besides, the water in the south of the islands has more current than the northern islands.

Diving schools

In Seychelles, you can also sign up for a diving course, where, under the watchful eye of instructors, we will be able to get to know this amazing underwater world of the ocean. Everyone who tries this sport at least once, and especially if they do it in the Seychelles, will definitely dive for the rest of their lives.